The Lounge

When you enter our experience, you will be welcomed by a lovely ambiance and a real eyecatcher:
An eternal Lotus tree.

Feel free to take your moment before you will be in a 1+ hour journey. Our Lounge isn’t only your door
towards the seven stages that AMAZE offers, it’s also a real place to lean back before or after the show.

Make yourself comfortable but not too comfortable. The Feijoa cocktail-crew wil take care of you in our bar,
where it’s always spring.

Enter the seven stages

In the Lounge, our hosts will welcome you on arrival, and show you how to navigate the labyrinth. From then on,
you are on your own.

Decorations: Laurens Morsink & Neef Steef
Audiodesign: Joshua Dutrieux, JDX Music
Creative Direction: Jill van Raan, ID&T


The Lounge

Take a giant leap and start your amazing journey


Go fast forward and back in time