Down the rabbit hole

Your journey is about to begin, please listen carefully, time to open up your senses.

Confusion, chaos and distortion

You will drop right into the rabbit hole and descend to spiritual depths?  Step into the unknown
and see where digital meets reality. The chaos of the mind has never been this beautiful.

Design: Marc Adema, Monox Design
Creative coding and content: y=f(x) lab (Shandor Chury, Vincent Golfier, Roy Gerritsen, Tim Gerritsen)
Audio: Joshua Dutrieux, JDX Music
Light design: Sander den Otter, T-minus Design
Decoration: Brok Decor
Creative Direction: Sander Vermeulen, ID&T


The Lounge

Take a giant leap and start your amazing journey


Go fast forward and back in time