Head to heart

On to the grand finale, where we surround you with waves of 3D sound, millions of pixels
and light FX. Hold on to your pants, it might get a bit rough!

Get lost, wander, interact, feel and be Amazed by 11D Surround System, 15.859.712 active pixels,
motion tracking & synergy by your eyes.

Creative coding and content: y=f(x) lab (Darien Brito, Chanon Satthum, Tim Gerritsen, Roy Gerritsen, Peter Versluis)
Audio design: Joshua Dutrieux, Darien Brito, Nik Roos
Audio spatialisation: Dave & Gabe
Light design: Sander den Otter, T-minus design
Creative direction: Sander Vermeulen, ID&T


The Lounge

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